Subject: DJ David

I didn’t have much to do with the centerpieces or the “Shake for a Kiss” tags that went on the maracas placed at every table at our wedding, but I did take my task of picking out the music very seriously. You see, I love music. I sing and dance and bob my head all day long.

When I mentioned to our wedding coordinator, Tiffany Lanier of Sunhorse Weddings, that I had compiled a list of over 160 songs of every genre known to man to send to DJ David, she said “Woh! I’m gonna need you to highlight like 20 or so ‘must plays’ and allow him some creative freedom.”

Good point.

I followed Tiffany’s instructions and made some difficult choices and figured that if I only heard those top 20, I could live with that, trusting Tiffany’s contention that DJ David was the best around.

There’s a reason that people hire DJs and don’t just put on an iTunes playlist. A good DJ will gauge the crowd and see which songs are getting the best reaction. He can also mix in the songs to ensure smooth transitions.

As cliché as it is to say, DJ David “exceeded expectations.” Not only did he work in tons of songs from the list I’d sent by rapidly mixing
30 seconds to a minute of many of them, showing us that he read it in its entirety, but I’ll give you an example of just how in tune he was with the crowd:

One of my best college buddies, NIck, came up to me and said “hey, did you put Apache on the playlist?” I replied “no, but that’s a great idea.” Not more than 2 songs later, Apache came blaring out of the speakers, to everyone’s delight. I ran over to Nick and said “hey, you requested it?!” To which he replied “No! I thought you did!”


We had about 3 hours to dance during our reception, and dance and dance we did. The dance floor was packed the entire time. Can’t ask for more than that.

– Colin (and Renee) O’Higgins
Miami, FL

5 Comments on "Testimonials"

  1. Samantha Hertel says:

    We were so happy with our wedding DJ, David. He made it fun and played good songs. Everyone at the wedding had a blast. David was on time with everything from our first dance to our last dance to the coordinated fireworks. Thank you again for making our wedding special.

    -Samantha and James Hertel
    Orlando, FL

  2. Sandra & Ben says:

    David was our DJ in our wedding and his performance was very nice, he managed to mix music for all tastes, also the lighting in the ball room and ball floor were amazing giving the reception a very sophisticated tiuch.

    His support through all our wedding was great, and this allowed us just to dance and enjoyed our life time event!

  3. Claudia Olvera says:

    As an international event planner is great to know vendors in the region that can deliver a quality service, and Sound Factory did more than that. The event was a success; everyone had a great time dancing and singing -karaoke style. I would definitely recommend their professionalism, and great service attitude. A “keeper “ in my vendor list.

  4. Avelina & Edgar says:

    We would like to thank David so much for the great ambiance he managed to bring to our wedding. We had a lot of compliments from our guests about the music. It was a perfect blend between our requirements and his initiatives. It was also a pleasure preparing the playlist with him since he was a good listener and also a very good advisor as he was teaching us a few of his techniques.

  5. Yolanda and Carl says:

    Let me begin by saying that David is an AWESOME DJ. David was chosen by the resort in Cancun (JW Marriott) in which I held my wedding at and they couldn’t have done a better job. I was concerned when it came to choosing a DJ since the music was one of the most important things to me however, I couldn’t have asked for more. David surely knows how to keep a crowd dancing! His mixing and songs choices were perfect. David played a variety of music that catered to everyone and to this day I still have guests telling me how much fun they had and what a great DJ we had. Thanks David for the great service and making my reception a memorable one for my guest and I.

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